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    Asian Teenager with A Stack of Sticky Note

    Asian Teenager with A Black Mobile Phone

    Asian Woman Holding American Dollar Bills

    Asian Teenager Giving An "Okay" Sign

    Asian Woman Holding American Currency

    Chinese Woman with A Stack of Sticky Note Paper

    Chinese Woman Holding American Dollars

    Asian Teenager Giving a "Peace" Sign

    Asian Teenager Holding An iPhone

    Asian Teenager Pointing Up

    Asian Teenager with American Dollars

    Asian Teenager Presenting A Blank Note Paper

    Funky Asian Woman Wearing Pink Overall

    Asian Woman Taking Out Chinese Yuan Currency from Red Packet

    Asian Teenager Using A Mobile Phone to Communicate

    Asian Teenager Pushing An Invisible Button

    Asian Teenager with Chinese Yuan Currency

    Chinese Woman Putting Chinese Yuan Currency into Red Packet

    Asian Woman Pushing An Invisible Button

    Chinese Teenager Using A Mobile Phone to Send Text Message

    Asian Teen in Pink Clothes Showing Three

    Asian Woman in Tiger Costume Four

    Asian Woman Covering Her Face with American Dollar Currency

    Asian Teen Texting Using A Mobile Phone

    Asian Teenager in Casual Wear

    Cheerful Asian Teenager Giving A "Call Me" Sign

    Asian Teenager Wearing Pink Color Overalls

    Young Chinese Teen Holding China Currency

    Asian Teenager Holding A Digital Music Player

    Young Asian Woman Giving A Two Thumbs Up

    Asian Teenager Using A Black Laptop Computer

    Cheerful Teenager Listening to The Music

    Asian Teenager Using A Tablet Computer

    Asian Teenager Talking on Mobile Phone

    Chinese Woman Using A Tablet Computer

    Cute Asian Teenager Holding A Tiger Doll
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